Grab your whole chicken or large peices of grilled pork
with these handles, and then you can "pull" the meat.
You can order it HERE on Amazon

Pork Egg Rolls

Sausage Bread

Bread Sushi with Deviled Ham

BOOM BOOM Soup Ham and Bean Soup

Pulled Pork and Hominy Soup in a Tomato Broth

Main Course
Fried Pork Chops with Gravy

Pork Gravy

Cracker Barrel Sawmill Gravy

Slow Cooker Asian Pork Ribs

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Ham Sandwich

Pulled Pork
Baked or slow roasted/smoked on Charcoal Grill

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Baked or Charcoal Grilled

Pork Kabobs
On the Grill with Pineapples

Baked Ham

Pasta Sauces
Pork Ragu Spaghetti Sauce - Sausages, Pork
Neck Bones

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sauce with Pasta

3 Color Peppers with Bacon - In a Red Sauce

Amatriacianna - Bacon & Onions in a Red
Sauce with Pasta

Grandpa Tony's Spaghetti Sauce #1

Slow Cooker Pepperoni Pasta
These meat grinders will also grind beef and chicken.
Once you're done grinding, you can make sausages!!
They both come with meat grinding and sausage making
You also might want to consider a
some of your recipes, and
A SCALE if you'll be making
quite a bit.

Hog - for regular sized sausages
Sheep - for smaller thinner sausages
Beef - for thicker sausages like salami

Natural casings are either lamb, pork or beef.
choose the casing not because of the animal it came
from, but because of the diameter of the sausage you
want to make.
Lamb intestines are smaller then pork which are smaller
then beef. Lamb is for breakfast links, pork is for
bratwurst and beef for salami.
There is now
VEGETABLE casings for vegetarian
sausages. Because they are small in diameter, you might
want to get a simple
HANDHELD sausage maker.

If you don't want to use casings for ANY of your
sausages, there is
heat resistant MOLDS. This would
be especially good if you're using larger vegetables for
your veggie sausages.
If you are looking to smoke the sausage without a casing I
would suggest forming your sausage into a leaf-- such as  
grape leaves or banana leaves or into a corn husk.
The banana or corn husk are not edible but the grape
leaf would be good to go. Don't forget, you'll need some
BAKING string if you stuff them into leaves.

You can also try rolling it up in a coffee filter and
twisting/tying the ends and steaming until firm. Then you
can unroll when cooled and either grill or brown in a pan.
This method could be used for smoking too, if the
wrapped sausages were placed in a pan for smoking.
Might even get bigger smoke flavor since the coffee filter
is permeable.

Vegetarian sausages somewhat evolved. After the first
and second world war there was a food famine, and most
of the normally made sausages where also stuffed with
"fillers" such as potatoes, rice, dry rolls, bread crumbs,
semolina flours, corn meal, and barley and buckwheat
Vegetarian sausages which are not emulsified in a food
processor are harder to make. The difficulty lies in
controlling texture, it is much harder to produce a
vegetarian sausage that contains rice, barley or oats and
to bind those materials with spices in such a way that they
will not crumble when the sausage is thinly sliced, or
attempted to be stuffed into casing.
Insufficient amounts of fat can be corrected by
introducing vegetable oil.
You can get a MANUAL hand crank sausage maker that
is easy to disassemble. You many need 2 people though
to make the sausage, one to crank, one to hold the
rope.This would be great for homemade vegetarian
sausages, or if you already buy your meat ground up
from butcher.

If you'll be using rather infrequently, get a manual meat

If you'll be buying meat in bulk on sale, and grinding
THEN freezing for future use, then an electric one may
be for you. Also has sausage tubes for making