Chinese Brown Sauce
Made with Soy Sauce & Corn Starch.You can use
this sauce in a variety of ways.  
Keep in mind it's preferable to have some form of
pan drippings (beef, pork, chicken, vegetables) to
make this sauce, however you can also just use
broth's if you prefer

Egg Rolls  

Grand Lux Potato Spring Rolls

Fried Wonton Noodles

Stuffed Bamboo Leaves (ZONGI)

Benihana's Ginger Dressing

Mandarin Orange Salad

Doreen's Sushi Rolls    It's EASY to make Sushi
Rolls!!! Learn how here.

Bread Sushi
A 1960's favorite, great for hors d'oeuvres

California Sushi Roll

Philadelphia Sushi Roll
Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Avocado

Unagi Sushi Rolls
Eel Sushi Rolls

Ruby Tuesday's Asian Style Salmon

Mussels & Scallops
Over Black and Green Rice

Shrimp & Ginger Gyoza

Ground Beef Chop Suey

P.F. CHANG'S Mongolian Beef

Slow Cooker Asian Beef Short Ribs

Slow Cooker Asian Style Pork Ribs
Made with Baby Back Ribs

Hawaiian Sandwich (slow cooker)
Cooked, sliced Ham slow cooked and served on

Pork Kabob's on the Grill

Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken

Steak N Ale Hawaiian Chicken

Wok RING - sits on top of your burner and
supports the wok so it doesn't wiggle around

Wok Spatula - curved with extra long handle

Regular Wok - for gas stove top

can use a WOK RING, OR a hinged grill grate to
put wok on. Hinged grill grates also available for
gas grills.

Cast Iron Wok - gas, electric stove, grills &


Electric Wok - for counter top

Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pot - Sukiyaki is a popular
and well known tabletop Japanese dish, which
consists of thinly sliced meat lightly stewed in a
sweet and savory braising liquid.
Individual Size with lid
Individual Size with wooden tray
Sukiyaki For Induction
Sukiyaki & BBQ hot pot - TWICE as nice;
GOT Hot Pot - 3 in one: Grill and Hot Pot, frying
Other Hot Pots - Large variety

Electric Fish Roaster makes it easy  to roast
fish and other meat or vegetables such as chops,
chicken and steak, pumpkin etc. Top and bottom
heating elements ensure even cooking without
flipping foods.

Indoor Smoking Kettle - to use on  stove top
OR induction-- INDOORS or outdoors!!!
SMOKING BAGS for indoor in oven or outdoor
on grill or campfire use. Just fill, seal, cook, and
Large Smoking Oven electric

Bamboo Steamer
Steaming Ring - put in stock pot so you can
steam more than one thing.

Rice Cooker & Steamer

Sizzling Platter - Cast iron with wooden base,
heated and then brought tableside to fry meats
and fish - also used as a fajita or saganaki pan.

Clay Pots - like a casserole dish, but meant for
stove top cooking. The clay pot is saturated with
water before cooking and the porous material
allows a slow evaporation of steam. As wet clay
does not reach the same temperatures as metal,
dishes cooked in a clay pot require higher
temperatures and longer cooking times.
Great for BIBIMBAP- premium ceramic

Deep friers are essential as many vegetables,
meats and stuffed (wonton) dumplings are fried.

Slow Cookers - see our page on the large
variety available

Chop Sticks
Saibashi - Cooking chopsticks that are very long
so hands don't get burnt by spattering oil.

Wooden Skewers - for appetizer's OR grilling
(make sure you soak in water for a good hour
before grilling)

Metal Skewers

Sushi Mat

Sushi Kit

Shamoji - A wooden or plastic rice paddle dipped
in water frequently to prevent rice sticking to it;
used to mix vinegar for sushi rice as well as to
Suri-bachi - a motar and pestle used to grind
down and smash spices and seasonings, and to
make paste. Made out of ceramic with a wodden
Oroshi-gane - a grater to get much finer results,
has spikes but food doesn't fall through, it stays
on top, those made from shark skin is almost like
sandpaper and produces a very fine grated

Rice Pressers & Molds - decorative as well as
for types of sushi making.
Zaru - bamboo straining basket and used for
serving cold noodles on,  rinsing, draining,
cooling or drying food
Chinese Scissors - cutting meat, fish and herbs.
Spider Strainer Scimmer- used to scoop out
hot foods from frying or boiling.
Fine Mesh Strainer - These strainers are
essential during deep frying to remove fine food
bits and particles which may burn and spoil your
oil. They also help decant the oil after frying for
Dumpling Press - Take your wonton skins or
gyoza wraps that are stuffed, put in press, and
out comes your dumpling.
Spiral Slicer - Easy to use for stir fry's, broths etc
Tea pots and sets
Tea pots with infuser
Ginger grater
efficiently cleans a wok as you should NOT really
put soap in the wok to clean.

Palm Sugar - Get the paste; it's easier to mix with liquids than the hardened one

Jack Daniels - If grilling, consider adding a good splash to your marinade

Black Rice -
Green Rice -
Sushi Rice - use ONLY this if making sushi rolls!!
Botan Rice - serve on side with numerous dishes

Eel - while you can get it in a can, it's best if you investigate Asian markets in your
area, as some of them will sell you ONE roasted/grilled eel to work with.

UNAGI Sushi Sauce -

Nori - Seaweed sheets needed to make sushi

Wasabi - Japanese horseradish, VERY hot and spicey, serve on the side

Pickled Ginger - In bottle to highlight sushi and added taste (served on the side)

Rice Vinegar - to add to your sushi rice

Sushi Sauces - top your rolls

Soba Noodles - made with buckwheat and has many varieties:
Cha soba: flavored with green tea powder
Inaka soba: "country soba", thick  soba made with whole buckwheat
Jinenjo soba: flavored with wild
yam flour
Mugi soba: flavored with mugwort
Sarashina soba: thin, light-colored soba, made with refined buckwheat
portable, and can also be used with a
DOME COMAL for Mexican frying.
Make sure you get the correct size of
Dome Comal for your round propane
How to charcoal grill with a wok -
see our
GRILLING PAGE for details
Tabletop Cast Iron Charcoal Grill
with adjustable heights
OTHER Charcoal Yakitori
(there are also electric ones for
indoor use too)
Line your sushi mat with saran wrap for ease in
Always soak your clay pot in tepid water for 30
minutes before cooking with it (on stove top or in
SLOWLY bring up to heat. Do not put in a
preheated oven or it will crack. Do not put on stove
top and jack up the heat.
You want to bring up
the heat SLOWLY.
Just put ingredients in, then in oven, THEN turn the
oven on.
Basically you "braise" your "meat" (chicken, beef,
pork, fish....) in liquid with seasonings and veggies.
Some earthen ware can be used directly on stove
top. Do you research.
DO NOT put hot pot onto cold surface or it will
crack. Put on wood, a trivet or a pot holder.