Jack In The Box Taco's


Chi-Chi's Corn Cakes  

Guacamole Onion Rings

Homemade Enchilada Sauce
Made with dried Mexican Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions
& seasonings

Salsa Verde Green sauce made with Tomatillo's  

Queso Fondito A Mexican Farmers Cheese melted
in with Mexican Quesadilla Cheese Roux dipping
Sauce, served with Avacodo Tortilla Chips  

Qdoba Queso Dip  

Chi-Chi's Corn Cakes  

Pozole A Mexican Soup with Pulled Pork & Hominy in
a Tomato Broth  

Steak N Shake Chili  

Slow Cooker Country Chili

Tostadas & Fried Taco's Corn shells topped with
Refried Beans (Beef or Chicken) and Mexican

Jack In The Box Taco's  

Homemade Tamales You don't have to use corn
husks, try this recipe using Parchment Paper. Cheese,
Beef & Chicken Tamales.  

Cheese & Beef Enchiladas The SECRET Ingredient

Seafood Enchiladas Diced Shrimps, (Imitation)
Crab, other white fish, in a Cream sauce and Red

Chi Chi's Seafood Enchiladas  

Vegetable Enchiladas Variety of fresh & frozen
Vegetables in a Cream sauce  

Chili Rellenos Stuffed Poblano Peppers  

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas    

Spanish Rice Made simple with Bell Peppers  

Mexican Pizza  

Avocado Pizza  

Seafood Enchiladas Diced Shrimps, (Imitation)
Crab, other white fish, in a Cream sauce and Red

Chi Chi's Seafood Enchiladas
party dipper - good for Cheeses
Get the kind that has the removable
mitt for the handle so you can remove
from heat and place onto wooden
holding board to serve. You can heat
up prepared meals in the individual
pans for single servings, or you can
use regular
prepare and then put on plate. They
are fine for stove top, grills or
campfires. You can also cook in oven
on foil lined sheet pan too. These
pan's are also used for sizzling platters
in Oriental cooking, or as Saganaki
platters for Greek Cooking.
You can make your own tortilla's out of
MASA HARINA for corn or regular all
purpose flour for the flour tortilla's.
You "press" the dough balls in the
TORTILLA PRESS that is lined with
wax or parchment paper, (or you can
roll them out on a lightly floured
surface) and then heat up/cook in a
pan, preferably a
COMAL. Using
LARD as the fat content seems to be
the best way to do it although you
could substitute vegetable oil or butter.
Some are cast iron, stainless steel,
aluminum or plastic.

It is a flat style (usually cast iron)
griddle that is used to heat up Tortilla's
as well as cook other things (veggies,
chicken breast, meats, eggs). They
come in various sizes and can used on
stove top, grill or campfire.

Some are CONVAVE, allowing one to
make various things at the same time.
There are many ways to use this
DOME COMAL. You can do so on a
COMAL GRILL, drum grill, or even on
your bbq grill.
Dip 1/3rd corn tortilla in enchillada
sauce, place in hot oil (reddened from
sauce) to fry quickly.
Remove to side of comal and stuff with
cheeses, meat or shredded chicken.
Fold over and keep warm on side. This
will take two people to accomplish.
You can also do this in a frying pan on
stove with heated oil, and assemble on
a plate to serve, or set aside to warm
up in oven.
You can also invert the dome comal
and cook veggies and meats in the
concave part, and when done, heat up
your tortilla's on the top of the dome,
assemble and serve.
Very similar to a tortilla press, but oval.
You make much more thicker "tortilla's"
that you cook on a comal that has a bit
of oil in it. They are eaten open faced,
and can hold much more heavier
You take the dough and roll into
cylinders 4 inches long by 1/2 inch in
diameter. Line the Huaraches press
with parchment paper and put the
cylinder on top. Line the top of the
Huaraches press with plastic wrap.
Press shut. Heat up for about 3
minutes per side.
They taste much better if made from
prepared masa.
They can be made with Masa Harina
(corn flour) OR with All Purpose Flour.
2 C All Purpose Flour
1/4 C very soft Butter
2 teaspoons Baking POWDER
up to 6 oz cold WHOLE Milk
1/2 tsp salt - optional
Oil for the Comal
Add the milk slowly, mix by hand, form
into cylinder and slice into 8 pieces.
Roll each piece into a ball, and with
counter top lightly floured and a
floured rolling pin, (or a huaraches
press that has waxed or parchment
paper on top and bottom) roll out into
circle about 1/3 inch
or more in
Cook on comal a few minutes each
side till lightly browned. Put butter on
them or other toppings and serve
With a knife, you can cut in half, then
slice down the middle if you want to
stuff them much like a pita pocket.
For flour tortilla's, increase the
butter by a notch, and add heated up
(stove top of microwave) WHOLE Milk
to the mixture. Use a fork and spoon to
mix, adding flour if necessary.
Obviously press or roll out THIN.
If you want to make a lot of these,
press/roll them out & separate
between sheets of waxed paper before
putting on the comale.
Put a penny in with the water. When
the water runs out, the penny wll
dance around alerting you to add more
Tamales are made out of corn meal
that is stuffed with meat and/or cheese.
One makes the dough and filling, and
then "wraps" them inside of soaked
CORN HUSKS for steaming. (You can
also wrap up in
parchment paper as
well to steam).
For the corn husk version, fold the
bottom part and place closest to water,
but DON'T let them touch the water.
They are then placed in a Tamale
Steamer (much like a double boiler),
covered and steamed for a good 40
In a pinch, you could use a
COLANDER and put that over a pot of
water. (don't let the tamales touch the
water). Cover and steam.
are similar to comal's and can be used  
for the grill or campfire, or on your
kitchen stove top, but deeper to hold
more ingredients.
Generally paella is seafood with
seasoned rice.
They come in large or in
mini sizes
for individual servings.
Because they are hot, serve on a
paella stand, or on a double folded
dish towel to protect table top.
TORTILLA WARMERS are made out of
wicker, clay, or plastic. You should line
them with some
Some Tortilla Warmers are cloth with
inserts that you can put in microwave.
If you want that SMOKEY flavor of the
campfire, consider getting a
TRIPOD. These can also be used over
your fire pit. Do your research and
make sure it's strong enough to hold
pan and food.
A Paella Spoon
not only comes in handy when making
paella on your stove top, campfire,
tripod or grill, they also come in handy
when using with an inverted comal
when deep frying.
Or you can use concrete blocks and
put a grill grate over it. Or use your fire
pit.Then you can use wood.
Paella pan should be 8-10 inches
ABOVE the flame. If using wood, see
wood notes on
large fireplace tongs to move
wood around.
You should use BOMBA RICE, as well
A cheaper version of saffron is
SAZON, and works just as well!!
Save room for dessert!!
Food Mills
You CAN use a food processor, but
you'll still have to push through some
type of collandar (preferably fine
mess) so seeds don't get in juices.
This is a must, especially when making
homemade enchiladas sauce!!

Dutch oven

Clay Pots for cooking

Terra Cotta Cazuelas - glazed inside which distributes
the heat evenly and are often used for slow cooking in
the oven and on top of the stove.
Olla de Hierro – Traditional Stew Pot

Blender - for making frozen drinks
Immersion Blender  so you can blend right in your pot
on the stove.

Molcajete & Tejolote - This tool is cut from volcanic
rock, and has a rough surface is used to crush spices,
garlic, ginger, tomatoes for salsa, avocados for
guacamole, and various other ingredients. It can also be
used to crush fresh herbs and prepare various kinds of
fresh sauces. it must be seasoned with rice, rock salt,
and spices before it is used. You can use a
Motar &
Pestle in a pinch.
Metate - also cut from volcanic rock, but much larger,
used to roll out tortilla's and crush spices.

Molinillo - used for making creamy, frothy hot chocolate.
It can also be used to froth up hot or cold coffee, flavored
milk, etc. Use a
Chocolate Pot to make the hot

Taco Trays

Taco Salad Fry Basket

Taco Fry Basket

Tostada Fry Basket

Meat Pounder Tenderizer - looks like a heavy duty
metal spatula.

Smasher - To mash beans

Grater - to grate cheese

Margarita Glasses

Plastic Gloves - disposable; use especially when
working with hot peppers. Keep Vinegar nearby to
neutralize any pepper oils that may cause skin burns.

Pepper Seeder - looks almost like a fishing hook, easily
remove seeds from hot peppers

Churro Maker