Tabletop Cast Iron Charcoal Grill
with adjustable heights
Meat Tenderizer
48 Stainless Steel Blades
Marinade Injector
You can also use it when baking
beef or poultry too!!
Meat Thermometer
Not only for grilling - keep
in your kitchen & use when
you bake!!
You can CHARCOAL GRILL with a wok.
Have a good-sized
HIGH carbon-steel wok deep
and round (not flat bottomed!!) with a long handle,
and have sturdy oven mitts handy!! Have no plastic
handles or other parts that could ignite or melt, and if
wood handled, keep away from flame so it doesn't
char. Use a nice big charcoal chimney starter (a
sturdy one!!)
ORDER HERE on AMAZON with about
half a quart of charcoal. You sit or squat or you can
stack some concrete blocks and put a piece of patio
block on top to make an impromptu fireproof table.
Use a wok with a one loop handle and one pot style
handle so you can move it around. It will cook faster,
so don't let food burn.
STEEL WOK on AMAZON .You can use a WOK
RING, OR a hinged grill grate to put wok on. Hinged
grill grates also available for gas grills. You can also
consider a
Watch Video HERE
Watch Video HERE
This is the large Weber Rapid Fire Chimney that was
used in the video above. He used a HIGH CARBON
STEEL WOK, and turned the chimney started UPSIDE
DOWN. He had to add more coals to finish the stir fry.
Perhaps he should not have turned it upside down?
He probably should have put the chimney INSIDE a
charcoal grill for protection, instead of on the ground,
and tried it upright instead of turning upside down.
You can order it HERE on AMAZON
Grab your whole chicken or large peices of grilled pork
with these handles, and then you can "pull" the meat.
You can order it HERE on Amazon
TIP: When grilling large pieces of meat, such as pork
roasts/loins/shoulders etc., or Chicken....when done on
grill, remove, and wrap up in tin foil, and wrap THAT up
in newspaper WHILE IT RESTS...for 15 or more
That also makes it easier to "pull".

If using a cast iron skillet on grill, try putting some
GHEE on it right before you place food down. GHEE is
clarified butter (milk solids removed), and won't burn as
fast as regular butter.

RUBS come in all different varieties, based on locations
of cooking styles in the US.
Try this pac:
Carolina, Kansas City, Santa Fe Coffee
Rub ORDER here on AMAZON

There's also the "Western Style" which includes
California, Texas and Kansas City ORDER here on

If you like blacked grilled foods, try Salt Free Cajun
Blackening Seasoning to apply after putting a bit of
oil on food.

SMOKING BAGS for indoor or outdoor- on grill or
campfire OR in oven

Long Tongs - Obviously a good thing to have these, especially to move things around
over flames
Long arm regular Spatula - To move food around, remove from grill, as well as to be
able to poke down through grill grates to move around coals
Long Large Spatula - it's curved spatula allows one easily to flip fish filets easier, take
out pan pizza from cast iron skillet etc.
Grill Grate Cleaner - helps one to keep your grill grates CLEAN, so food from previous
grilling doesn't cross contaminate what you're grilling now. It's wise to clean your grill
when you are done grilling, while it's still hot.
Pans - most aluminum/disposable, and various sizes/quantities and thicknesses - so
you can safely put your grilled foods into. Get deeper one's if you have a charcoal grill
and want to turn it into a SMOKER (cheaper and easier). You can also put some more
charcoal into a small pan, drizzle on charcoal lighter fluid, and this way you'll have some
spare charcoal that you can add to your grill. They can also be used as a domed lid.

Cast Iron Skillets - yes, you can FRY bacon, eggs, toast, small chopped veggies etc on your grill or over open fire by using a cast iron skillet

Pizza Stones - Try using a pizza stone ON your grill to get that "smokey" flavor. The heavier duty ones are best for the grill. You'll most certainly need a
pizza paddle to remove the pizza from the stone!!!
Portable Fire Box BBQ Pizza Oven - rests on top of grill grates for gas or charcoal grills HERE -- or -- HERE   
Flat Pizza Pan - for grill OR oven. If you want to grill pancakes or eggs, just cover with heavy duty tin foil. For bacon, use a cast iron pan!!
Square Pizza Pan - up to 700*FFor a more complete description on grilling pizza's, DIY AND equipment needed, visit PIZZA PAGE

Dutch Ovens & Trivets - Use DUTCH OVENS over open fire or on your grill for your stews, chili, soups, etc. Use cast iron trivets to put your skillets
and pans etc so you don't burn your table.
Tables - Get a metal one for hibachi's and yakitori's, or smaller grills like smoke joe's as they all produce high heat. DON'T put onto wooden or glass top
Chairs - You need something to sit on, right???

Cutting Boards - Wooden ones that don't break or crack are best, especially when you have to cut/slice. Get one that has deep grove around perimeter
to catch juices.
Grilling oven mitts - These are heavy duty and a NECESSITY!!!
Turn Your Charcoal Grill Into A Smoker!
Every grill design is different, but if you follow these instructions you can quickly and easily turn your charcoal grill into a homemade smoker!

An easy way is to get
SMOKING BAGS that work either on your grill, campfire or your indoor oven. Otherwise, you can do the following:

Start off by placing a pile of unlit charcoal to one side of the grill. You will be doing 2-zone cooking, so it is important to only bank the charcoal
against one side of the grill.
On the other side of the grill, place a water pan (this also doubles as the drip pan). If you have enough space on the grill racks, place another
water pan directly above the coals. This will help add moisture to the smoke.

When you are ready to begin, place lit charcoals on top of your unlit charcoal pile.
If you don't have a chimney to do this, then place charcoals around the bottom of your grill, BUT ONLY ADD lighter fluid TO one half of the grill.
When THOSE charcoals are lit, with a LONG SPATULA shovel them over and on top of the unlit charcoal.
Add your wood chips or wood chunks on top of the lit charcoal (We recommend using fruitwoods!).
Place your meat or vegetables over top of the water pan opposite of the charcoal and wood pile.
Finally, open an exhaust damper on the side of the grill with the meat. If you have multiple exhaust dampers, make sure only the dampers near
the meat are open. This controls the air flow and draws the smoke over the meat.
NOTE: If you add a water pan under the meat you are adding moisture to the atmosphere and if the water pan is above the heat source you
are further protecting the meat from direct heat -- the water absorbs heat helping to keep the temperature down. Smoking, which is usually
done at low temperatures for a long time can dry out the meat, so putting humidity into the atmosphere can help keep the meat moist. In
addition, moisture mixes with the combustion gases, even on a gas grill, and creates desirable flavors.
If you need to add more water, make sure it is HOT.
If you are braising/smoking on the grill, with
LIQUID mixed in with the meat,
(as in my
Pulled Pork recipe)
then bank the charcoal AROUND the container.
You need a HEAVY DUTY aluminum pan (like a
thick disposable turkey pan) to do this!!! You
have to check every 15 minutes to bank the
coals, and add more if needed. In this case, all
the vents should be open.
Use a separate disposable aluminum pan to put
spare charcoal into, and drizzle some charcoal
lighter fluid over them. This way you'll have
some charcoal all ready to go for when you
need to add more.
CAUTION: Do NOT smoke meat with Cedar, Cyprus, Elm, Eucalyptus, Fir, Liquid Amber, Pine,
Redwood, Sassafras, Spruce, or Sycamore!!! Do not smoke, grill or firepit with processed wood!!
Get Wood and Chips HERE
OTHER GRILLS - order on Amazon

George Forman - some are counter top that you can use in your kitchen to "grill" meats, or make panini's,
others are
indoor/outdoor with stand. Both are electric.

Portable Fire Box BBQ Pizza Oven - rests on top of grill grates for gas or charcoal grills
HERE -- or -- HERE

Indoor Smoking Kettle - to use on stove top, induction or outdoors on grill

SMOKING BAGS for indoor in oven or outdoor on grill or campfire use. Just fill, seal, cook, and serve.

Large Smoking Oven electric 16 quart - Electric roaster oven can be used as a smoker, roaster, or slow cooker

Yakitori - A Japanese grill, available for outside use. As it's made of clay, do NOT leave outside in rain or it will
electric ones for indoor use available. OR check out a MANGAL GRILL (open air; no lid)

Round Propane Grill with Wok - portable, and can also be used with a DOME COMAL for Mexican frying. Make
sure you get the correct size of Dome Comal for your round propane cooker. Best to be used OUTSIDE.
CAUTION: Do NOT smoke meat with Cedar, Cyprus, Elm, Eucalyptus, Fir, Liquid Amber, Pine,
Redwood, Sassafras, Spruce, or Sycamore!!! Do not smoke, grill or firepit with processed wood!!
Get Wood and Chips HERE
Easily cleaned, grill over the campfire or your firepit, or
even in your fireplace!! (make sure you get your
fireplace cleaned more often if you use it there!!)
FIRE bricks or even sized rocks to "raise" up over
flame for slow grilling.
See notes below on what types of wood to use.
They can be used on grills, campfires or
even your stove top.
Get great deals

Cast Iron Skillet - 12.5" pre-seasoned

Cast Iron Skillet - 3 piece set

Cast Iron Pizza Pan - also for baking
other things on the grill, stove top or
order long kabob skewers, and place over coals in a charcoal grill to
get the same effect, AND have a lid in case of wind.
If using
wooden skewers, make sure you soak in water in a large cake
pan for an hour or more before assembling food on them.
It's also noteworthy to put tomatoes on separate skewer as these cook
much faster than other foods. Large Compari tomatoes work best. You
can coat them with Italian dressing so they don't stick.