Greek Cookbooks
AUTHENTIC recipes from people who
actually cook the recipes.
Greek food is simple to prepare,
healthy and delicious, and, more than
most other cuisines, bears all the
hallmarks of the rich cultural history of
the land and sea from which it is
drawn. It is the original Mediterranean
cuisine, where olive oil, bread, wine,
figs, grapes and cheese have been
staples since the beginnings of
Western civilization.
Cooking Greek food means using cheese, and much
of it will be grated. A good cheese grater should be
able to handle both hard and not-so-hard cheeses.

Drizzling honey on Greek sweets is a
must. Some (stainless steel ones) are
even dishwasher safe.
Honey dippers are suitable for more
than just honey. Syrups, melted
chocolate and caramel sauce are just
a few of the thick and sticky foods that
can be drizzled from a honey dipper.
Check out the honey dippers AND
honey pots
There are many different types of herb
cutters available. Mince your parsley,
sage and rosemary and other herbs in
no time. A gentle rocking motion is all
you need for a thorough chop.
Check them out
Olives are a mainstay of Greek
cooking, either raw or cooked. The
only problem with fresh olives are the
hard pits embedded in the skin.
Instead of cutting them out with a knife,
an easy tool is the olive pitter, which
with one squeeze presses the pit out of
the olive, keeping the skin nearly intact.
They also pit cherries!!!
Check them out
Phyllo, or filo, dough is a popular wrapping for
meats, fruits and cheeses. To keep the dough
moist, butter or olive oil is brushed across the
dough. Various sizes of pastry brushes are used
to coat the dough. They are also used for coating
vegetables with olive oil, lightly greasing pans, and
many other tasks. Check out the large variety of
different brushes
You can purchase a SIZZLING PLATTER
on Amazon to make, OR just use a non
stick frying pan, and transfer finished
product to a deep dish to serve.
Recipe is relatively easy. Use a salty
cheese like
Kefalograviera Cheese.

Some people just like SAGANAKI Cheese
as well. Beat one or two eggs in deep bow.
Cut 1" slices of cheese, dip in egg batter,
then cover cheese with flour. Put a few
spalshes of veg oil in pan, heat up, fry the
cheese till lightly browned on both sides.
Flambe with brandy, and douse with fresh
sliced lemon. You can serve with warmed
pita bread as well.
NOTE: Flambe on stove, and use a shot
glass to do so
. If you don't have a gas
stove to flambe with (by tilting the pan to
the flame), then just light a long spaghetti
noodle and use that to flambe, or use a grill
DOLMADES are Grape Leaves stuffed with
numerous things such as chopped meats, various
vegetables, rice, grains to name a few, and
generally simmered in a water and lemon juice
is made in a BRIKI COFFEE pot, with a
strong and fine ground
Greek Coffee
that is brought to a boil. It is sometimes
made with sugar.
It is served in
demitasse cups.
Other Items & Special Ingredients you may need:

Olive Oil Cans - not only decorative, but spouts make it easier to
measure the liquid, particularly when using measuring spoons or pouring
atop a salad.
Salad Spinner - for great Greek salads
Pepper Grinder - most recipes call for fresh ground pepper.
Whisks - almost all sauces call for this
Steel Souvlaki Skewers - more sturdier than wooden and reusable
Metal Skewers - for Kabob's on the grill
Deep Fryer - for Calamari and vegetables, other seafood and fish
Grape Leaves - stuffed usually with meat