Premium Plastic Mini
Appetizer & Dessert
Tasting Set, 96 pieces
Glass Egg Plate Make your
deviled eggs stand out on
this elegant AND YET
AFFORDABLE glass plate!!
Some other items you'll need:

Deep Fryer

Bloomin' Onion

Ball Scooper - to cut out balls of
fruit and veggies
Channel Knife - for garnishes
Paring Knife - for thin slices
Zester - to zest or get thin strips of
citrus fruit
Butter Curler - to get shaped

Butter Molds - different shapes
Spiraler - to get spiral shapes
from vegetables and fruits
Herb and Kale stripper - easy cut
Potato Ricer
Ginger Grater - good for garlic too
Garlic Press
Tomato Slicer
Egg Slicer
Mandolin - slice with ease
Jalapeno Corer
Apple Corer
Apple Corer and slicer
Strawberry Huller
Watermelon Wedger
Mini Tongs - for appetizers
Serving Tower - for a beautiful

Smart Funnel
Set includes: 32 mini tasting
16 mini tasting bowls,
32 mini tasting forks and
16mini tasting spoons
Kosher-Parve certified;
Reusable and/or recyclable.
This set makes it easy for
you to have PORTION
control on your food
Martha shows you how easy it is to
make delectable appetizer's, turning
simple ingredients into stunning
Impress yourself and guests with
Appetizer's that have a "Southern"
Try some of these simple recipes that
will enhance your cocktail hour and
stimulate your appetite!!
No matter what you're cooking, you
can liven up any dish with these
simple tricks!! Presentation IS
everything, so learn from the
professionals how to make each dish
a piece of art!!
You can take various common fruits
and veggies, and with a paring knife
create these wonderful edible
accessories for individual dishes and
Hors D’ Oeuvres-refers to small portions of highly seasoned foods. It is a combination of
canapés, olives, stuffed celery, pickled radishes, and fish. It is served on individual plate when
guests are seated. Sometimes this is simply placed on a platter and passed around. Hors d’
oeuvres are served cold or hot. The serving is smaller in unit size or portion size that can be
eaten with forks from small plates or with fingers.

1. Antipasto – Italian Appetizer. This includes the following:
Cured meats – Salami, prosciutto, bologna, boiled ham
Seafood items-Canned items like sardines, anchovies, and tuna
Cheeses – provolone, mozzarella
Hard cooked egg and stuffed eggs
Relishes – raw vegetables
Mushrooms and other vegetables

2. Bruschetta – slice of Italian bread that is toasted, rubbed with brushed garlic, and drizzled
with olive oil, served with toppings like canapés OR a mixture of fine diced onion, fresh parsley
diced, and tomatoes diced; seasoned with a bit of olive oil and salt.

3. Tapas – a small food item intended to be eaten with wine or other drinks usually in bars. They
are served in a small portion intended to be eaten immediately.

4. Caviar – salted roe, or eggs of the sturgeon. Any product labeled caviar must come from
sturgeon. Roe from any other fish must be labeled as such (white fish caviar).

Canapé– are made out of thin slices of bread in different shapes. The bread may be toasted,
sautéed in butter or dipped in a well-seasoned mixture of egg, cheese, fish, or meat then deep-
fat fried. It is a finger food consisting of three parts: a base, a spread or topping and garnish.
They could be served hot or cold. There are no set recipes for the making of canapés. You may
create your own combination of several different colored items on the cut pieces of bread,
toasted or fried and biscuits etc.
Canapés Consists of Three Parts
1. Base
– holds the spread and garnish. Crackers and toasts are firmer and give a pleasing
texture and crispness to the canapes.

2. Spread – placed on top of the base so the garnish sticks to it without falling off.

Three types of spreads
a.)Flavored butter
– made from softened butters with flavorings.
b) Flavored Cream Cheese-made from flavored butters, except cream cheese is substituted
for the butter. Mixture of cream and butter can be used.
c) Meat or Fish salad spreads – made from finely chopped meat or fish that are spreadable.
Seasons should be checked carefully to make the spread more stimulating to the appetite.

3. Garnish – any food item or combination of items placed on top of the spread which usually
gives color, design, and texture or flavor accent to the canapé.

Food items used to decorate canapés
a) Vegetables, pickles and relishes
Radish slices, pickled onions, tomatoes, olives, chutney, parsley,pickles, asparagus tips, capers,  
cucumber slices, pimiento
b) Fish
Smoked oysters, smoked salmon, shrimp, caviar, tuna flakes, sardines, lobster chunks or slices
c) Meats
Ham, salami, roast beef, chicken or turkey
d) Cheese, hard cooked egg slices

Guidelines for Assembling Canapés
1. Good mise en place is essential.
In making canapés especially for large functions, all bases, spreads and garnishes must be
prepared ahead of time so that final assembly may go quickly and smoothly.
2. Assemble as close as possible to serving time.
Bases quickly become soggy, and spreads and garnishes dry out easily. After placing them in a
tray, cover them lightly with plastic and held for a short time under refrigeration. Safe food
handling and storage must be observed.
3. Select harmonious flavor combinations in spreads and garnish such as:
Mustard and ham
Lemon butter and caviar
Pimiento cream cheese and sardines
Tuna salad and capers
Anchovy butter, hard cooked egg slice and olive.
4. Make sure that at least one of the ingredients is spicy in flavor.

– are pickled items and raw, crisp vegetables such as julienne carrots or
celery sticks, cucumber pickles, olives, watermelon pickles, pickled peppers, spiced beets, and
other preserved fruits and vegetables. Relishes are generally placed before the guest in a
slightly, deep, boat shape dish.

Dips – accompaniment to raw vegetables, and sometime potato chips and crackers. Any mixture
of spreads can be used as dips. Proper consistency is important to any dip. It must not be so
thick that it cannot be scooped up without breaking the cracker. It must be thick enough to stick
to the items used as dippers. Thin or soften them by adding mayonnaise, cream or other
appropriate liquid. Sauces and salad dressings can be used as dips.

Cocktail appetizers are made of seafood or fruit, usually with a tart or tangy sauce. These
appetizers are always served chilled, often on a bed of crushed ice.
Kinds of Cocktail Appetizers
1. Oysters and Clams on the half shell
2. Shrimps
3. Crab Meat
4. Lobster
5. Fruits
6. Firm flaked white fish

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – are the simplest appetizer. Fruits are good appetizers because
they give an attractive appearance, fragrance, appealing taste and delicious flavor. For example,
you could serve a platter of thinly sliced cucumbers, chunks of red bell pepper and baby carrots.
For a fruit tray, consider serving red and green grapes, as well as chunks of mango with
toothpicks inserted in them. Since appetizers should always easy to pick up with the fingers, it
should never be drippy or messy so you need to avoid certain fruits or veggies (for example,
chunks of avocado or watermelon are probably not the best appetizer choices).